Smart Plug

Wish List
  • The smart electrical plug is a wireless device that allows the remote controlling of appliances powered via it through allowing or limiting electricity through it. Through this it also captures the electrical consumption of the appliance for monitoring purposes.
  • 13A power point required
  • Unless additional site works required, Price quoted is inclusive of installation, integration, testing and commissioning.
  • To control Daikin Aircon System via D'SmartHome solution, integration cost is required at S$80/ per indoor unit. Additional costs for Daikin Mobile Adaptor cards may vary.

Product Highlight

  • Work as z wave signal repeater.

  • Current value of the load and operating mode are indicated by the multi-color LED frame.

Hardware Specifications

Rated Load(Continuous load) 58.5mm (D) x 56mm (w) x 56mm(H)
Rated Load(Continuous load)

Resistive load: 13A

Incandescent loads: 8A

Motor :750w

Electronic ballasts: 3A

Rated impulse voltage 2.5kV
Maximum inrush current 80A(20ms)
ICE protection class Class I

Up to 50m outdoors

Up to 40m indoors

*Depending on terrain and building structure)

Radio Signal Power Up to -0.5dBm(EIRP)
Protocol Z-Wave


Appointment for SmartHome deployment generally takes 1 to 2 weeks in consideration of devices availability and site conditions. Upon acknowledging confirmation of purchase, our deployment teams will schedule the appointment accordingly.