As one of the world's largest and the only integrated air conditioning manufacturer, Daikin is strongly committed to research & development, creating innovative cooling solutions that has won several awards. Apart from delivering premium energy-efficient products that allow our customers to enjoy quality lifestyles, Daikin aims to be "Everywhere With You", in a partnership that begins by putting customers first. Always


Exclusive Membership Perks

Being a Daikin Proshop Member entitles you to many perks, such as FREE extended warranty on top of the general 1-year period with your air conditioning series! Simply sign up for a membership when making your purchase.


Professional Consultation

We believe in engaging our customers through great retail experience. Helping customers learn about our product in an interesting way. Speak with our in-store professionals who will provide customized solutions for you. Choose to learn about our products on your own as well with our interactive touchscreen monitor which, guides and recommends suitable products based on your needs.


Well Trained Servicemen

Our servicemen regularly attend courses at the Daikin Training Centre to enhance their skills and knowledge of our products. Rest assured, Daikin Proshops use high quality premium materials to reduce installation problems and provide the best hassle-free maintenance.


Exclusive New Product Preview

Find the latest Daikin products at our Proshops! Ranging from our latest 5 ticks highest energy efficient SMILE series, to your European design inspired ENVi series and, the eco-friendlier Urusara 7 series which, boasts zero impact on the ozone layer.