Order & Payment



 What payment methods do you accept?


We accept credit cards: Visa / MasterCard.



How do I amend/cancel my order?


Unfortunately you are unable to amend or cancel your orders once your order has been placed. For orders that have not been processed, they may be cancelled without any penalty. Please contact the respective proshop chosen or Daikin Customer Service for any enquires.



Are there any hidden cost buying from E-proshop?


Please read the terms & conditions before placing your order. There will be additional charges for air con installations where applicable. E.g installation location , any uncommon circumstances such as Concealed Piping and Cabinet Obstruction are subjected for Site Inspection. 


How does the Proshop selection work?


You may select your preferred Proshop at the checkout page. If you do not have any preferred proshop, our system will auto generate a Proshop to serve you.


How can I tell if my order has been placed?

Upon the completion of your order, an order confirmation page containing a unique order number and your order details will be displayed. A copy of this will also be sent to you via email.Your mail provider may filter such email correspondences to a separate folder, or have it moved to the Spam folder by default. If you still do not receive your order confirmation, please contact the respective proshop chosen or Daikin Customer Service.


I can't seem to complete the order?

You may want to check for the information filled up and ensure no missing / wrong data is given.
If the problem persists, please contact the respective proshop choosen or Daikin Customer Service


After Purchase


What to do if my items are damaged or missing from the package?

If you have any issues with your order (damaged items, missing items, or wrong items), please contact the respective proshop chosen or Daikin Customer Service. 


Who will be helping us with the air conditioners installation?

Daikin Proshops use high quality premium materials to reduce installation problems and provide the best hassle-free maintenance. Their servicemen will install the air conditioners for you.


How do I register warranty for my purchase?

For purchase of Daikin Aircon and Air purifier online and offline you will automatically enjoy a one year standard warranty. You may register your warranty via this link.