Bio-antibody Filter

Effective in suppressing virus
Wish List
  • - Our Bio-Antibody filter is 100% made in Japan with quality assured
  • - When attached to the air conditioner, this will suppress the virus within 1 minute
  • - The filter is currently used in schools, elderly care centre, offices and hospitals in Japan, and has been proven to be extremely effective

Installation Method

Install by pasting the Bio-Antibody Filter between suction grilles and air filter.

Cutting of filter may be necessary as for some wall-mounted & ducted models, they have different grilles which results in different dimension.

It is also deemed effective when placed outside of the suction grille.

  • Installation Method



In the case of ceiling cassette, a double sided tape will come with the Bio Anti-body filter. You can tape the filter outside the panel.

A Bio-Antibody Filter installed on a ceiling cassette



In the case of wall mount, it will look as per shown below.

A Bio-Antibody filter installed on a wall mount unit


Note: This filter is not tested on its effectiveness against Coronavirus (COVID-19)