Anti-mould & Bacteria Pre-filter

Effective against allergens and pollen
Wish List
  • - Stop growth of mould & bacteria maintaining clean air 
  • - Commonly used in any premises such as hospitals, schools, workplace, residential areas and many more where cassette or wall mounted type are applicable


  • - Suppress the growth of mould and bacteria which prevents virus and mould propagation 
  • - Reduce the effects of pollens and allergens
  • - Suppress the mould stains and odor on the inside of the indoor unit
  • - Washable and reusable, reducing cleaning time


Installation Method

When installed inside the panel of an air conditioner

- The standard sized pre-filter can be installed for models that have automatic or those that has a gap between the grille and front panel. 

- For wall mounted FCU, 1 piece of anti-mould filter sheet can be cut into 2 pieces, 1 piece per FCU.

Round Flow


  1. 1. Cut 1 piece of pre-filer and install on the grille cover inside the panel. 
Setting of Pre-Filter Inside Grille Cover


  1. 2. Install the original filter until you hear a click.
At the connecting point of the grille cover and original filter, insert the pre-filter as it clicks.



When installed outside the panel or in cases other than air conditioner

- Cut slightly larger than the installation location as the material will shrink little by little with repeat wash.

- Attach using mechanical fasteners (velcro). Be careful as there is a possibility that it will drop if the adhesive strength is weak.

Attach using velcro


- Fixing a filter with mechanical fastener (velcro) will allow it to act as a double-stick tape that can be used repeatedly. These are commonly sold in home centers.

Mechanical fastener (velcro)


- Effective in just spreading, running on the top by stick on method.


Note: This filter is not tested on its effectiveness against Coronavirus (COVID-19).



Other Applications

Hygiene Control

  • - Places or locations at open ventilation areas can be kept clean by using them to trap unwanted dirt & dust.


  • - By covering your favourite books, this pre-filter prevents pages of the books from turning mouldy. 



Dimensions (mm): 570(W) x 570(L) x 3(T)
Mass (g): 60